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About the man

Blacksmithing is truly an artform. I grew up in an artist family; consequently, I chose to study in an artistic technical-college. I tried almost everything from graphic design to sculpture but somehow life drifted me to forging. I had the drive to learn the ancient art of blacksmithing that has been with us for thousands of years. I spent my apprenticeship in Miskolc next to György Fata, who is a well-known Hungarian designer and industrial artist. I moved to Budapest after I have finished my studies and I started to work in the heart of the city, in a traditional forge-shop. There I got a much deeper appreciation for traditional skills and knowledge for old world craftsmanship. I have been a working blacksmith artist for 9 years and with this much experience to draw on, I have been trying my best to fulfil my costumers various orders. I feel extremely fortunate to be one of those few people who do what they love for a living. Our products are all skilfully prepared by hand using traditional techniques, which is becoming rather unique nowadays as less and less blacksmiths are active, and what is more, forging is not taught anymore in schools.  My aim is to keep this trade alive, but mix it with contemporary design elements to cope with the expectations of our age – resulting in truly unique custom ironwork, where even the smallest details deserve my attention to make every piece perfect.

The forge shop has a history of more than half a century. The needs of the costumers did not change drastically, although we only make horseshoes now as souvenirs for tourists. It is worth visiting the workshop when you are walking around the city; with its stone walls and the displayed classic tools of forging, e. g. the cross peen hammer, the flatter, the bladesmith hammer, it brings you back to the past. Would you like to try forging yourself? If you are clever enough, you can participate in one of our workshops where you can try yourself out as a blacksmith.

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